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Fresh Roasted Coffee

Run of the Mill

Actually, Not so "Run-of-the-Mill"

Each month we reach into our stock of top lot coffees and select several to run through a meticulous roasting process. For our friends and ourselves. We carefully follow a roasting procedure and profile that we designed for each specific coffee. Sometimes roasted a little lighter, other times a bit darker, but always aiming for a delicate balance of sweet acidity and smooth body. It's all about helping the coffee speak on behalf of its origin and the attentive farmers we support.

Everything ships on Wednesday.

We roast coffee every Wednesday and ship while still warm. By the time it arrives at your doorstep, it's been properly rested and ready for grinding and brewing. Get orders in by Tuesday night, and you're in business.

Simple Pricing. Killer Value.

For simplicity, all these roasted selections are priced the same. To make the economics super clear, similar quality coffees cost more than $25 per pound. Buyer beware: many bags of coffee you see around look like a full pound, but most are not. We sell half pound boxes for $9.95 which comes in just under $20 per pound. These are all top-scoring, prized coffees.

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Here is the Current lineup:

Follow the links to read about the coffees and the farmers that produce them. Order now and ensure your shipment for Wednesday...

Ethiopia—Yirgacheffe Wenago Natural

Tasting notes
This is our most popular coffee. It is really one of the most classic Ethiopian natrual/dry processed coffees we've laid our hands on and holds the position of our fabled, "Blueberry Bomb." Our lab smells like toasted, blueberry bagels when we roast this up. While chocolate / blueberry notes drive this coffee, it has a rich toffee-like body that gives plenty of heft to hold up well with milk (if that's your style). This coffee always makes us smile.



Kenya—Nyeri Hill AB


Tasting notes
Kenya coffees are often considered the world's best. This coffee helps explain why. Fragrance and aroma mingle somewhere between the fruity and the floral. But the taste in the cup is all sweet, tangy fruit. Syrupy and with bright acidity, the coffee hints at cherry sweet-tart candy and wonderfully balanced acidity. Again, a vibrant, "wow" cup to remind us why Kenyas are so coveted.



Sumatra—Tano Batak / G1 Lintong

Tasting notes
This selection from Sumatra is roasted a tad on the darker side to bring out some of its rich flavor notes and classic Sumatra body, but still in a range to preserve some very nice acidity. With a hint of lime lingering around the palate, this coffee serves up unmistakable pineapple and tobacco notes that surprises and delights. This is simply a really fun coffee!