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Brazil—Journey Coffee Co ($5.46/lb)

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Tasting notes
This Brazil has notes of milk chocolate and cocoa butter, with sweet floral aromas of apricot and ripe fruit. It has a balanced body with light acidity, great for a light to medium roast.
Cupping Scorecard
83 / 100
Portal do Cerrado Miniero
Jose Maria de Oliveira
Harvest Season / Year
Fair Trade Certified

Journey Coffee is owned and operated by Morne Van Staden. Morne and his wife, Nicole, started with a coffee truck in 2013, followed by their first retail shop in Vacaville. They were committed from the outset to create an overtly welcoming environment, focused on people (customers and their employees). In a strip mall, they built a beloved hangout for locals.

After almost burning up the small 5lb roasting machine they had, they finally opened a roasting storefront in nearby Fairfield a couple years ago and continue to provide warmth and charm to everyone.

Now, in the middle of opening their third location and on the heels of giving birth to a new baby last month, they are facing tough challenges like so many. As long time customers of Mill47, it is a privilege for us to be able to help them now.


Notes From Mornet
This Brazil has been a go-to coffee for us as a single origin and an important part of our espresso blend base.
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To purchase full sacks, please CLICK HERE and we will connect you with Morne Van Staden directly.

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