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Yunnan—Urban Dwellers ($4.43/lb)

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Tasting notes
Strawberries and cream flavor with a sweet and fruity aroma. Pleasant aftertaste that does not linger too long, leaving a creamy and rich, velvety feel in your mouth.
Cupping Scorecard
87 / 100
Region Details
Hu XiXiang
Harvest Season / Year
1 and 2

Urban Dwellers Coffee is on the leading edge of importing quality coffees from China. They have helped steer their farmers away from global coffee conglomerates and towards higher quality processes that produce higher quality coffee. Their work in the Yunnan region of China helps raise the quality of life of their farmers, leading efforts in education and towards a reduced, yet intentional, global footprint.

Notes from Jacob

Think it’s about coffee?

It’s not. Really. It’s not.

We deliver a quality unlike anything in the coffee community.

We have a vision to meet global needs and provide AMAZING coffee.

When we import our coffee beans, it’s not from a company, it’s from a farmer with a family. Our partnership gives hope at a reasonable wage and a commitment to make an impact in each of the farmer's lives.

We know you could spend a lot less on coffee. You could even drive down to the big green store and purchase a good cup. Our vision is about combining GREAT farmers to a GREAT cup for a GREAT cause. It’s our calling.

It’s not about coffee. It’s not even about good coffee. It’s about amazing people who want to make a huge difference.

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