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Fresh Roasted: Colombia—Sugar Cane DECAF

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Tasting notes
Orange, panela (sugar cane), citric acidity, creamy body
Cupping Scorecard
85.5 / 100
General roasting guidelines
Good for Espresso
Region Details
Planadas, Tolima
Montalvo at Planadas
AGPROSEM (39 small farm holders)
Washed / Sun Dried
Harvest Season / Year
1,500m (High)
Castillo, Caturra

This coffee comes from the AGPROSEM association of 39 small coffee growers who rallied together to ratchet up the quality of coffee produced in the region. The association helps develop and maintain training programs that promote and establish better farming practices among its partners. The goal, of course, was that significantly better quality and strength of a small association, would allow them command better prices for their coffees. And here we are!

This coffee comes from the Montalvo region of Colombia, nestled in the central mountain chain called, Cordillera Central. The town is situated on the eastern face of the mountain chain facing the Magdelana Valley, a dry region crossed by the river of the same name. The micro climate in this area delivers some classically special features to Colombian coffee and they are amazingly held intact in this decaf selection.

We do not drink much (any?) decaf around here so we tend to be quite finicky when it comes to carrying it, even for those customers who want it. We cup and cup and...cup...but always have a hard time finding anything that meets our standards. We always find "good decafs," but it's always hard to find "good coffees" that don't have caffeine; if that makes sense. When this Colombia came along, it literally caught us by surprise. As in, we didn't originally believe the cupping score.

The natural decaffeination process starts with sugar cane. The sugar cane is processed into molasses and then carefully fermented to produce a natural ethyl acetate solvent. Along with water from a spring, this coffee is decaffeinated on location in Manizales, Colombia. And it is so good that many folks will not know or believe it is decaf. Seriously.

In the lighter roasts, the cup sparkles with nice orange and citrus overtones, moderate body and clean finish that defies most decafs. In the darker roasts, sweet grassy notes come through along with heavier body and lasting finish. If you need a late night cup without having to fear being kept awake, this is your new friend.