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Honduras—HOPE Coffee ($4.70/lb)

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Tasting notes
This smooth, medium body, mild acidity SHG coffee will produce nutty, biscotti flavors with a medium light roast and caramel, chocolate and walnut flavors with a full city roast.
Cupping Scorecard
83 / 100
Region Details
Padilla and Doblado
Rodimiro Padilla and Nelson Doblado
Fully Washed, Sun Dried
Harvest Season / Year
Direct Trade
EP, Specialty Grade SHG

A new home in Mexico. Clean water in Honduras. A new school in Guatemala. HOPE Coffee in Dallas, Texas is committed to bringing stability to communities in North and Central America – through coffee.

They are a ministry-focused team that works to develop strong and meaningful relationships in the communities most cyclically impacted by human struggle. HOPE’s direct trade and commitment to their farmers is helping break the chains of poverty and bring hope.

Notes from Brian

Rodimiro lives in Siguatepeque, Honduras with his wife Carla Patricia. He has three children, Marcella, Josué and Celeste, and is a proud grandpa to one very special granddaughter who lives nearby. He and his wife are involved in Emmanuel Church where his wife is in charge of the women’s group and Rodimiro teaches the 11-12 year old boys class. Some Sundays you might even find him preaching!

Rodimiro grows much of our Honduran line of HOPE Coffee, including our Medium, Bold and Dark roasts. He is passionate about using his expertise in growing exceptional coffee to share the love of Jesus with people in his community. In fact, he and Carla Patricia both recently graduated from a seminary in Honduras, SEBCAH Institute, in order to learn how he can use his background in coffee to reach even more people for Christ. His goal to share his expertise with coffee growers in Africa, in hopes that they, too, can build meaningful relationships with their coffee pickers and buyers, all while funding much needed service projects for families in their own communities.

Nelson also lives in the Siguatepeque area of Honduras. He and his wife Suyapa Amado have three daughters and three active grandsons! Nelson is an incredibly thoughtful coffee farmer who passionately cares about his coffee beans and is consistently making strides to improve the quality of his coffee, year after year. As you enjoy your Medium, Bold or Dark roast, you may not realize it, but Nelson’s ingenuity and dedication is what has produced your delicious cup!

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