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Green Coffee

Ethiopia—Burka Gudina Estate ($6.55/lb)

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Tasting notes
Blackberry, dried blueberry, caramel and chocolate
Cupping Scorecard
85 / 100
General Roasting Guidelines
Region Details
Burka Gudina Estate
Ibrahim Hussein
Natural, Dry Process
Harvest Season / Year
1,850-2,100m (Very High)
Ethiopian heirloom varieties

This Grade 3 Organic Ethiopian Limmu comes from the Burka Gudina Estate, one of the most well known and renowned farms in the country. The near 100-year-old Estate is owned and operated by third generation coffee farmer Ibrahim Hussein, who oversees all things green coffee.

Coffee farms in the Limmu woreda of Ethiopia are mostly made up of smallholders, but this farm is a bit larger than many. The estate uses 150 of its 250 hectares for green coffee production. Burka Gudina, which translates to "Where Blessings Grow," currently has 77 members and employs more than 120 people during peak season. The estate also proudly employs its own agronomist, Kilamork Agarish, to whom it credits much of its continued success. Growing altitude of the estate ranges from 1,800 - 2,100m.

As a classic Ethiopian natural processed green coffee, this one delivers on the hallmark notes, with a dynamic and well-composed flavor profile. With it's juicy berry notes, it is really almost reminiscent of hard candy. All this sweetness is brought together and balanced by a lingering floral aroma, and silky, full body. This bean is also an excellent option for a single origin cold brew.