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About Us

Mill47 is a global neighborhood that resides at the intersection of coffee and people.

Understanding Great Coffee Starts With Tomatoes

Many coffee farmers have never tasted coffee from their own farms.

Let that sink in. How could they know if their crop was good or not?

Can you imagine a tomato farmer who has never eaten his own tomatoes? He might be easily tempted to blast his green tomatoes with CO2 gas so they look red and delicious. He wouldn't know how much better vine-ripened tomatoes taste. And even if he did but couldn't earn more for his added cost, he probably wouldn't do it.

It's been like this for many coffee farmers.

But that narrative is changing. More and more, pioneering coffee businesses are not only helping farmers improve quality, but they're also opening up markets to those farmers so they can earn more for their careful work and investment.

This is what Mill47 is all about. We’re bringing these quality-oriented coffee farmers to quality-oriented consumers. And the other way around. We're not a philanthropic organization, but we care about people. We’re not “in it for the money,” but financial sustainability for us and all our stakeholders is vital. We believe a coffee business that cares about dignity and success for everyone in its supply chain is just a better business. And the reason for this is really quite simple: when coffee farmers earn more for producing better coffee, we get to drink…better coffee.

And those are the coffees that we track down and make available on these pages. These are some of the very best coffees you will find. And the good news is, there are more being harvested every year!

Three friends toasting with cups of coffee

Whether you operate a small roasting business or roast at home for family and friends, we invite you to explore these coffees and the people behind them—experiment, learn, share and enjoy.

A Word From the Founder:

It is a deep-seated passion for both coffee and improving the human condition that inspires and drives Mill47. At the center of everything, though, is a commitment to spectacular coffee. That rides in front. It’s the “what” we do.

But, as we note above, we genuinely give a rip about every stakeholder that becomes part of the endeavor—from growers to roasters and everyone in between. We work really, really hard to treat everyone with authentic dignity—the kind of dignity that includes genuine respect as well as Birrs, Rupiahs and Pesos. That’s the “how” we do it.

We don't expect people to buy our coffees because of our social commitment. We expect people to buy our coffees because they’re really great coffees. The fact that we strive to do everything with people in mind just comes with the territory.

Our operating premise is pretty straight-forward:

Buy the good stuff. Change the world.

— Dan Parodi - Founder / CEO*

Footnote (but not an afterthought)

Our coffees are curated through direct relationships with producers or in-country partners who work with the farms and the farming communities. These people are not only active in helping improve production quality, efficiency and agricultural sustainability, but are helping address other pressing issues like access to clean water, health care, and education.

And all this activity takes place in the Tropics - that broad, equatorial zone bordered by 23.5° North and 23.5° South latitudes. That swath of 47 degrees known so well for its coffee farms and human struggle.

That's Mill47.


Dan has been in the coffee business for more than 30 years with his passion for coffee starting at the age of 5 — slurping down milk and sugar warmed with coffee that his grandmother slipped him when his parents weren’t looking. It’s an Italian thing.

As a coffee roaster and serial innovator, he has a long history of business ventures—some successful and others, well, not so successful. In the coffee space, he created a line of branded coffees, confections and beverages, developed and produced numerous ready-to-drink and cold-brew coffees for some big name brands, hacked together home roasting appliances and holds a U.S. patent on coffee roasting technology.

After becoming an "impact investing" activist and social entrepreneur, he helped build and lead a successful café business model in San Francisco to hire and train at risk people groups — mainly survivors of sex trafficking in the SF Bay Area. His eclectic experience with people, coffee and innovation are the inspiration for Mill47.