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Green Coffee

Thailand—Doi Wiang Natural ($5.95/lb)

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Tasting notes
Raspberry jam, raisin
Cupping Scorecard
88 / 100
General roasting guidelines
Good for Espresso
Region Details
Chiang Mai Province
Apo Family Farm
Harvest Season / Year
ITDF Certified

This Natural Process Doi Wiang green coffee comes from the Chiang Mai Province in northern Thailand. Home to some 150 people (most of whom are Chinese transplants), Doi Wiang sits atop mountainous terrain underneath the shadows of tall Teak trees. Chiang Mai has long been known for coffee production, though only recently, during this so-called third-wave, have coffee cultivation techniques and education taken the leap.

Many enmeshed in the green coffee scene have circled Chiang Mai on the map as a region to closely watch in the coming years. The mild tropical temperatures and low humidity make the Chiang Mai highlands an ideal place to cultivate coffee. Slowly, more and more farmers in Chiang Mai are being exposed to new growing techniques and selective harvesting processes, allowing them to fetch higher market prices for their green beans.

Our friends at Lanna Coffee Co. work with the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF) in Chiang Mai to bring best farming practices, opportunity, clean water, education, and many other things to Doi Wiang, as well as to other remote villages across the Thai highlands. Their work has stabilized some of the most remote areas in Thailand, and has helped many former opium farmers turn into reliable producers of some truly fantastic coffee beans.

It's a lofty goal, but the good things happening in Chiang Mai with Lanna and the ITDF are representative of how we can elevate the entire coffee world when we work with intention. We are really excited to be working with and supporting people whose mission is in-keeping with our values at Mill47.