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Espresso Classico — ($5.40 / LB) Green Coffee Mill47 Coffee
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Espresso Classico — ($5.40 / LB)

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Tasting notes
Chocolate and toffee with notes of dates and nuts
Cupping Scorecard
82 / 100
General Roasting Guidelines
Good for Espresso
Region Details
Brazil: Minas Gerais and Bahia
Natural, Pulped Natural, Washed
Harvest Season / Year
1,350m (High)
Catuai, Mundo Novo

Any conversation about this coffee blend is incomplete without reference to our family's patriarch, Matteo ("Martin") Parodi, who emigrated to the USA 100 years ago. This blend is reminiscent of what he roasted in a hand-cranked cylinder over an open his open backyard fire pit in San Francisco. For my grandparents, if you were old enough to hold a cup, you were old enough to drink coffee (properly loaded with milk and sugar!).

Martin Parodi

This Espresso Classico celebrates the birthplace of espresso coffee and is, of course, characteristic of classic Italian espresso blends. Built from natural processed coffees from Brazil, these beans are well-bodied, sweet and low in acid which are important factors when concentrating so much coffee into a tiny espresso shot (or serving young children). The flavor profile hits on some of the typical espresso notes you might encounter: chocolate, toffee, dates, and nuts. Dark and hearty, but not harsh.

While this coffee is great for espresso by itself, we've left it simple to provide room for you to tinker and create your own, signature espresso blend. Consider an Ethiopia natural process to give it a hint of fruit, a Guatemala for some added chocolate, or an Indonesian Sumatra for something smokey and more mysterious. Or whatever. You're the roast master.

As you tinker, we also urge you to brew some non-espresso, according to your favorite method.

Buon Salute!