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Collection Box — 4 lbs. For Dark Roast ($19.80) Green Coffee Mill47 Coffee
Green Coffee

Sampler Box — 4 lbs. For Dark Roast ($21.80)

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The Ethiopia we've chosen for this kit is what we affectionately consider a "blueberry bomb." Ethiopia Dry Process coffees are known for being extremely unique, with strong flavors and aromas of dried fruit and berry — often blowing the minds of folks just starting out.
Process: Natural/Dry Process
Roast Guidelines: Mod. Light (75) - Medium (55)
This wet-hulled Lintong Sumatra has a cleaner mouthful and brighter acidity than other Sumatra offerings. It's a perfect coffee for espresso or a blend component, and seems to develop significantly each consecutive day after roasting.
Process: Wet-Hulled/Giling Basah
Roast Guidelines: Light Med. (65) - Mod. Dark (45)

*CLICK HERE for our lab card that breaks down roast guidelines
From the highly rich, volcanic soil of the Guatemala highlands, these coffees are known for their full body and chocolate and caramel notes. Representing some of the most unique micro-climates in the world, Guatemala coffees consistently rank on the high end.
Process: Washed
Roast Guidelines: Mod. Light (75) - Mod. Dark (45)
This Mill47 secret blend consists of 70% natural process and 30% natural pulped. It hits on the classic notes found in the best Brazil espresso around, with notes of cocoa, toffee, and dried fruits. It's delicious on it's own, or as the base for your own blend.
Process: 70% Natural, 30% Natural Pulped
Roast Guidelines: Medium (55) - Dark (35)