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Guatemala—Huehue CODECH Micro Lot ($5.89/lb)

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Tasting notes
Chocolate, caramel, cherry, and grape with a clean, sweet body and mild acidity
Cupping Scorecard
85 / 100
General Roasting Guidelines
Good for Espresso
Region Details
CODECH Micro Lot
Harvest Season / Year
Fair Trade Organic

Huehuetenango coffees (the "hue-hues" or, if this makes it easier to pronounce, the "way-ways") are some of the finest green coffee beans grown in Guatemala. Huehuetenango sits at the base of the Cuchumatanes mountain range of Central America and is the highest (and driest) of the three non-volcanic regions in Guatemala where coffee is cultivated.

Situated close to the Mexico border, Huehuetenango benefits from the warm, dry air that blows south from the Tehuantepec plains in Mexico, which minimizes the effects of the cool air from the high Cuchumatanes. This delicate climatic balance tempers the cool air and frost enough to allow green coffee to be cultivated up to 2,000m. This high altitude slows the ripening of the coffee fruit, allowing for a more extended and complex development.

The many rivers in the area make it possible for the small, rural farms to have access to water that can feed their own, small washing mills. This is a virtual necessity in this area because of the rugged, remote terrain.


CODECH is a cooperative in the small mountainous municipality of Concepción Huista in Huehuetenango. Their work focuses on the sociocultural, economic and environmental interests of the community and, among other things, allows for the sustainable development of micro-lot green coffee, designed specifically to support small farmers in organic production.

The co-op makes it easier for these small growers to enter markets that recognize more favorable and stable prices, and now represents more than 300 men and over 150 women across 550 hectares of land. Many of these families have largely benefited from additional technical assistance, training processes, and active involvement in the improvement of green coffee bean quality and prices. For every 100 pounds sold, a social premium of 10 dollars is invested into local education, healthcare and the general functioning of CODECH.