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Popcorn Popper Roast Bundle - $20

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This popcorn popper is the simplest entry point to home coffee roasting. While some air poppers blow hot air straight up from the bottom, elevating the popcorn seeds (or coffee beans), this unit blows air in from the sides of the chamber, spinning the green coffee in a small vortex. This is more efficient. While the roast process is quite fast, it allows the novice to get familiar with home roasting and discover the magic with minimal investment.

It would probably be easy to pass along marginal grade green coffee to novices, but that's opposite of what we've done here. We have selected four high-quality green coffee beans, each with distinctly different characteristics so you can discover how doable it is to achieve impressive results at home.

Sumatra - Sumatra is one of the oldest coffee growing regions in the world. Beans from here are known for their heavy body and low acidity. This lot has a clean mouthfeel with notes of pineapple and tobacco and is a strong example of great Thai coffees.

Ethiopia Dry Process - The aroma and flavors of this coffee often blow the minds of folks just starting out. These lots are noted for their distinct berry notes that present front and center. Much of this is a result from the Dry Processing of the coffee cherries at harvest.

Guatemala - These Central American coffees consistently rank on the high end. The selection we've included is suited for roasting light or dark, sporting rich chocolate and caramel notes.

Panama - Panama is also celebrated as an origin of top shelf coffees, giving credit to its many unique micro-climates. Often noted for chocolate and citrus notes, as well as layers of nuance. These are also suitable for light and darker roasts.

Consistent with our design style: clean, simple.
We really, really want you to take notes on your roasts. There are so many variables in play that affect your final cup, that note-taking discipline will move your quality and consistency ahead much faster. Trust us.
The brightly-colored card in the photo is a tool. It is a reproduction of the official SCA color wheel, noting all the flavor nuances found in coffee. Use this to improve your sensory development and memory. The Lab Card also includes a coffee roast color chart. This is an approximation of the technical color spectrum developed by the fine folks at Agtron. While this only mimics their number range and colors, it is designed to help you develop some color targets and consistency as you learn.

At Mill47 we are dedicated to elevating all of those who play a role in the coffee supply chain and are committed to sourcing coffee that holds true to those values, including those in this kit. Competitive pay for small farmers and producers, support and commitment to social impact in these regions, and intentional recognition of the land they occupy and the delicate environments in which they thrive--this is all part of the ecosystem you support when you participate in our work and our products. At the end of the day, everything we do is about people.