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Rwanda—Sholi Women's Co-op ($5.72/lb)

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Tasting notes
Pear, honeydew melon and white grapefruit
Cupping Scorecard
86 / 100
General Roasting Guidelines
Region Details
Abateraninkunga Ba Sholi Womens Cooperative
Harvest Season / Year
1,800-2,000m (Very High)
Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance
3, Screen 15+

The Abateraninkunga Ba Sholi Women's Cooperative was founded in 2008 and harvests more than just great green coffee beans. They have and continue to successfully empower and enrich their community, and through their efforts are able to provide food security and jobs, as well as health insurance and paid school fees.

Farmers who have partnered with Sholi and process their green coffee at their washing station have been given opportunities that didn't previously exist widely in Muhanga. Some farmers are producing as much as five times more coffee per year and are now able to employ others in the community and send their children to university. That increase in production in turn brings in more money and resources, and thus more knowledge on farm efficiency, sustainability and profitability, all of which benefit the members of Sholi.

It's really a great example of how this whole thing works if we do it right. Those often forgotten or exploited in the supply chain are instead uplifted and supported, and then we all reap the benefits. Not just in reference to our cup of coffee, but in terms of how this world works, or how it can work. And how we can all be better participants in our shared humanity. A stretch? We don't think so.