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Rwanda—Dukunde Kawa Co-op ($5.72/lb)

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Tasting notes
Strawberry, banana, blueberry and chocolate with a heavy body
Cupping Scorecard
86 / 100
General Roasting Guidelines
Region Details
Dukundekawa Musasa Co-op
Natural, Dry Process
Harvest Season / Year
1,750-1,950m (Very High)
Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance
3, Screen 15+

The Dukundekawa Musasa Cooperative was founded in 2000 and now, with more than 2,100 members, is one of the largest and oldest coffee co-ops in Rwanda. Dukundekawa translates to "Let's Love Coffee," a phrase exemplified in their intentional and sustainable farming practices, but also as a deeper nod to the power of green coffee to improve the lives of farmers in rural communities.

Before washing stations proliferated throughout Rwanda and other parts of Africa, most farmers sold their small lots to middle-men for very little profit. With washing stations, farmers can now produce more green coffee and earn more in return (in almost all cases at least double). For the 80 percent of Dukundekawa members that are women, this means financial independence and individual autonomy, as well as access to healthcare, livestock, early childhood education, and interest-free credit programs.

Now, Dukundekawa donates 10 percent of its annual profits to building other washing stations throughout Rwanda, in hopes that their philosophy of loving coffee can translate to positive change throughout Central Africa.